Are you tired of the pain on your arms and fingers…and the hassle of hauling the groceries?

Let HANDZY (Hand-zee) handle it and carry with ease!

Groceries, softener salt, milk, soda, clothes…
and anything that needs carrying, is made easier!And Handzy is the first and only to carry propane tanks!.

Twice awarded the #1 gadget, Handzy “simply makes life easier”.

Get yours online today  or in a store near you and you’ll be saying WOW that’s handzy!
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Handzy is a busy little handle (but don't tell Handzy it's little). Handzy is strong and durable, and made in the USA of 100% recyclable plastic. Handzy is virtually indestructible and it's kind of gone to it's head. But take advantage of Handzy to carry everything from grocery bags to industrial buckets and everything in between. Each Handzy handle has been tested to carry up to 100 lbs. Can you handle it? Handzy can! Satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back.